Matbakhara Company is the manufacturer of industrial kitchen equipment and provides relevant services with highest quality. Distinct quality of this company is to demonstrate values, suitable response to the expectations and providing benefits to the clients. Each individual and/or organization that intends to design, to put into operation and to use industrial cooking systems and providing catering services, is being considered as a customer of Matbakhara.

The existence philosophy of the company is the identification of client’s needs and provision of all facilities for their satisfaction in a long-run relationship.
The company seeks changes and is ready to divulge in innovations and creativity by using new opportunities.
Matbakhara Company expands its geographical area with its potential capabilities and experiences to the extent to be able to use sensible methods and achieve a suitable and befitting financial return.

The company believes that staff is the biggest asset of an organization and tries its utmost to create a motivated atmosphere for their encouragement, value their performance and respect them at all levels. The Company, as a good citizen, has performed its duties for participation in strengthening of the economic foundation of the society and always feels responsible to the society.